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Which Is Why Your Grades Can Quickly Improve.

  • Our agency hires only tutors who are serious about teaching
  • 95% of our clients continue after the 3rd lesson, meaning that they are very satisfied with the tutor they chose
  • Within 24 hours, we will show you profiles of between 4 to 10 experienced and qualified tutors that best match your tuition requirements and budget
  • Our tuition coordinators are former MOE teachers. We therefore know which are the best private home tuition teachers in Singapore who have the correct skills that can help your grades quickly improve, using the latest MOE syllabus
  • We interview and shortlist tutors very rigorously because you have no time to lose when preparing for higher grades
  • Over 80% of our students achieve at least 1 grade improvement within 1 month after tuition starts
  • We have Singapore largest and best team of private home tuition teachers who are current/former MOE teachers, tutors with at least 2 years of proven ability to improve their students’ grades, undergraduate/graduated tutors, tutors who have PhD/post-doctoral/Master’s credentials. From the best universities
Since 2008

About 15% of our clients are current/former MOE teachers. They selected our tutors to teach their own children from P1 to JC2, polytechnic or university levels

Improve Your Grades

Within the first month, you can achieve an improvement of at least 1 grade. Learn how to answer challenging questions, and remember complicated content

private home tuition
Private home tuition

Effective Private Tutor | Primary School Tutor In Singapore | Secondary School Tuition At Home | Junior College Tuition Singapore | Many Tutors

33,000 Experienced Tutors
Tutors With Proven Tutoring Track Records
MOE Teachers PhD/Master's/Post-Doctoral Tutors
Graduated/Undergraduate Reliable Tutors

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Hire Home Tuition Teacher.
Definite Grade Improvement Within 1 To 4 Months.

eg: IP Year 1 Math
Please let us know if you are the parent/guardian of the student or if you are a student looking for a tutor
Eg 2 hours each session, twice a week, Mondays anytime from 4pm to 7pm etc
The majority of tutors in Singapore currently prefer to conduct online lessons. Thus, if you are OK with lessons being held online, it is likely that there will be more experienced tutors who apply for your assignment.
If you prefer online lessons, please enter "nil" or "online lessons" thank you

Effective Private Tutor | Primary School Tutor In Singapore | Secondary School Tuition At Home | Junior College Tuition Singapore | Many Tutors

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We Are Not Able To Accept Any Tutor Registrations Through This Hire Tutors Form. Thank You

Sunshine Tutors Private Tuition - Proven Effective

Private home tuition
Private home tuition
Private Home Tuition

Achieve Higher Grades Within One Month 

Singapore's Most Qualified Home Tuition Teacher Team

Tutors With Proven Track Records

We show you between 4 to 10 tutor profiles, after we have carefully interviewed and shortlisted candidates based on their proven track records to improve students' grades. This is based on feedback given by students who were taught by them

Improvements Within 4 Lessons

Whether you want to aim for a stronger A, improve from C to B, or from D to C - about 80% of our students achieve this within 1 month. You definitely can, very soon 🙂

Trusted By MOE Teachers

MOE teachers are parents too. Since 2008, they have been hiring tutors from Sunshine Tutors, to teach their own children. Our private tutors are familiar with the latest syllabus, exam requirements, and marking schemes

Tuition Assignments Sunshine Tutors Form

The assignment code is at the top of the listing you found this job at. eg. GA139
If you sign up on Telegram, you will get faster notifications of the latest assignments from the 25 tuition agencies that our outreach department represents. We have Telegram channels for specific subjects. If you would like to join one of the channels, go to the bottom of the form where there will be a button called "How to Get More Tuition Assignments" click that button and you will be able to find the Telegram channels that you can join to get more tuition assignments.
eg: NTU Biomedical Engineering (Hons), Scholarships
eg. East, North, West, Central, Online
eg. I am able to teach Physics and Economics
eg. Red Swastika (C to B), Kong Hwa (A to A*), MGS Primary (A to A*), Tao Nan (B to A)
Any other information you can give to us to include in the profile that we will show to the client. Clients usually choose tutors who elaborate and clearly describe their tutoring and academic achievements. Please help us to be able to write a great profile of you 🙂 Many thanks!

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Effective Private Tutor | Primary School Tutor In Singapore | Secondary School Tuition At Home | Junior College Tuition Singapore | Many Tutors

MOE Teachers, Experienced PhD Tutors, Graduated Tuition Teachers

private tutor
private tutor
private tutor
private tutor

Effective Private Tutor | Primary School Tutor In Singapore | Secondary School Tuition At Home | Junior College Tuition Singapore | Many Tutors

Benefit From Singapore’s Most Qualified Private Home Tuition Teachers

Start Achieving Higher Grades Now!

private tutor

We Have The Largest Team of Home Tutors With Excellent Track Records Of Grade Improvements

Our Clients' Reviews

I am a current MOE teacher, and of course, I want both my children to do well in their own exams. The three tutors I hired from Sunshine Tutors have helped my P5 son and Sec 2 daughter maintain their strong A grades.
Madam T. Yeo
Current teacher at top MOE school
Sec 1 to Sec 3 rushed by too fast, especially since I was so involved with CCA and socializing. Got a rude wake-up call at the end of Sec 3 when my results were disappointing. I was determined to work hard in Sec 4. Mr Wong, Ms Gan and Mr Prasad were able to quickly and accurately identify what I needed to improve in - and how to do it. I scored A's for most subjects, and managed to get a B for Chinese. Huge improvement over how I did up till Sec 3.
Harold Pang
St Andrew's Junior College/NUS
I scored A's for English the entire time that I was in primary and secondary school. Imagine my horror when I barely passed General Paper. Sunshine Tutors showed me profiles of 9 highly qualified and experienced tutors. The tutor I chose helped me score an A for my A Levels. The analytical skills that Ms Chia taught me helped a lot when I was writing research papers at university.
Belinda Chan
Oxford University
My daughter gets distracted very easily and she is often not willing to do her homework. Her exam grades in P5 were not very good. Ms Nadiah started teaching my daughter since the beginning of P6, and Faridah managed to score A for English. Faridah used to fail Math, and managed to score B at PSLE.
Ms Aisha
Daughter studying in school located in Western Singapore

Singapore's Largest Team Of Home Tuition Teachers With Excellent Track Records

Hire Experienced Private Tuition Teachers.
Improve Your Grades Within The First Month.

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